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Ms Fran Cookies.

home-made specialty flat cookies


Mrs Fran smiles now, she loves the responses she gets now when people say "I want another one, and another one and please one more". She started baking her flat cookies about 9 years ago but only close family and friends had access to it. Slowly, the word got out when they would take their dozen pack of cookies to work and it would all be gone before lunch time.

The cookies are baked with passion, love and care and if you don't believe it, you have to just try one. New customers just can't get enough of Mrs Frans Flat cookies. She didn't actually want to start a business with the cookies but everyone wanted to pay for them.

"The taste is so incredible" one new customer said, "where can I get more?" Mrs Fran is so humble and thanks every new customer she gets and she loves making people smile when they take their first bite. We hope you too will enjoy the delicious taste of Ms Frans Flat cookies! Enjoy!



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Raleigh, NC



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